Monday, December 13, 2010

Wet Floor Rowdiness...

Wet Floor Rowdiness may seem like a bizarre title for a blog so I think it is necessary I explain myself.

 Years ago…in our early twenties when the time for juvenile shenanigans was rife, a ‘CAUTION WET FLOOR’ sign mysteriously found its way into our world. Not long after it’s welcome it was violated with marking pen with the following amendments, ‘CAUTION… WET FLOOR ROWDINESS’ to which the dark silhouette of a man ever so innocently slipping on his way to the cereal isle in Coles was ‘modified’ to have a long neck in his possession and the resulting tumble a reflection of his drunken, rowdy, wild night out behaviour.

 Last Saturday night, the master of wet floor rowdiness, Kerry Down turned 30, celebrated his engagement and earned his kudos as a new father in a fashion befitting of the master of wet floor rowdiness. 
Thanks for a great night out and a catch up with friends that have been in the shadows for too long.